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Please find FAQ and helpful articles to help you with your card application and card usage.

Card Application

Who can apply for pcard21?

We can accept applications from the following countries:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Anyone who is a citizen of any of the above countries can apply for a pcard21 prepaid debit card.

Evrotrust Registration & ID Verification

How can I download the Evrotrust application to my mobile?

Please go to Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for IOS) to download the Evrotrust application.

Please make sure you have a good internet connection. Please search for “Evrotrust” and download the first application that appears. You should see a red “tick” icon for the app, please see the image below.

Alternatively, you can click on the links below on your mobile to download the app:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evrotrust.app&gl (for Andriod)

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/evrotrust/id1195807317 (for IOS)


How do I complete my ID verification on Evrotrust?

  1. Download Evrotrust app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (IOS) to your mobile.


2. Select “Registration”. The “Instructions” page will inform you about the next steps. 


3. Please read all the Terms and Conditions and accept them in order to move forward.


4. Create your own 6-digit PIN for the app and answer the security questions of your choice.



5. Please scan your Passport as it’s described. Before scanning your Passport, please make sure you are in a place with good light. Dark and light reflected illegible scans won’t be approved.


6. Review your personal data that is captured from your scanned ID and continue to the next step.

7. You will be asked to be identified by an operator. This in-app call will have no costs. Please remove your accessories if you have any (glasses, hat etc) and press the green headset to start the call.


8. In the final step you will be asked to confirm your contact information (your email address and your mobile). You will receive a verification email to your email address and a verification code to your mobile. Please confirm the codes and verify your contact details.


NOTE THAT you will see an exclamation mark (!) on “Settings > Profile” if any of the steps were unsuccessful. In this case please click on “Settings” and repeat the necessary phase. 


Once you are successfully verified, you will receive two in app documents to sign electronically:

·         ID verification document : Confirmation of the scanned personal ID/data

·         Prepaid Card Agreement

Please make sure that you allow Evrotrust notifications on your mobile. This will help you to be notified about the documents as soon as you receive them. The documents will appear on “Documents” section on the app.

You should see a red exclamation mark (!) on “Documents” section when you have a pending document.

After all the documents are signed, your card will be prepared and send it to you within few days.

When is Evrotrust operator available for the live ID verification?

Live video identification service is available everyday (including weekends) from 6 am to 6 pm GMT.

I have trouble verifying my ID on Evrotrust app. What should I do?

There are several things you can check if you have trouble verifying your identification on Evrotrust:

  1. Please make sure you verified your email address: You need to open the email Evrotrust sent you and click the verification link. On the app, you will see an exclamation mark (!) next to your email if your email address is not verified.

  2. Please make sure you verified your mobile phone number: Evrtotrust sends a verification code to your mobile number by SMS. You need to enter this SMS verification code back to the app. Please check the phone number you have on the app and make sure that it’s correct. You can request a new code through the app if you cannot find the SMS you received or if you deleted it.

  3. Please make sure you scanned a legible copy of your ID: All the details on your Passport/ID should be visible and there shouldn’t be any reflections of light on your photo or on your personal data. Evrotrust gives you the option to re-scan your ID.

  4. Please make sure you get on a call with a live operator for the last step of your ID verification. Operator working hours are from 6 am to 6 pm GMT everyday (including the weekends).

If you continue having an issue after you follow these steps, please contact Evrotrust (Phone: +359 882 198 437, Email: support@evrotrust.com) and describe your problem.
Please inform us (support@pcard21.com) accordingly, if your problem isn’t solved.

pcard21 Requested Documents

What are the accepted proof of address documents?

Please note that your proof of address document must be not older than 3 months considering your date of card application.

Accepted proof of address documents are;

  1. Bank Statement

  2. Utility Bill*

  3. Residency Permit with your current address

ONLY water, electricity, gas, energy or sewage bills are acceptable as utility bills.

Internet or mobile bills are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

PIN Security

I lost my card PIN. How can I learn my PIN?

Unfortunately we cannot renew or resend your PIN.
If you lost your PIN, please first search for the envelope you received your card in. Your PIN was sent to you together with your card, in another security envelope.

If you cannot locate your PIN and you want to continue using your card, you can re-apply for a new one.
If you would like to receive another card, please contact customer support at support@pcard21.com to report your card as lost and to apply for a new one.

Processing Online Transactions

How can I enrol my card for 3D secure transactions?

To process a 3D secure transaction, you will need to use a combination of a static password and an OTP (one-time password) to confirm the transaction.  

Please follow the below steps to enrol your card for 3DS transactions and set your static password:

  1. Go to https://3ds.borica.bg/TEBG and register your card in order to set your static 3D password.
    Please note that you will use the same static password each time you process a transaction.
    Please chose a password that you will not forget.

2. Please enter your full card number on the screen shown below. When you click “Continue” you will be asked to provide your “enrolment code”.

You can find your enrolment code in the secure PIN envelope you received with you card. Your enrolment code has numbers and letters and combination of 8 characters.


3. While setting up your “static” password, you will receive an OTP via SMS. Please write the SMS code on the OTP field as shown below.


4. You can process a 3D secure transaction right after you set your static password. Below is an example of a 3D transaction confirmation page. Transaction will be immediately processed once the static password and OTP are entered on the screen.